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Review: Let Love Find You by Johanna Lindsey

Let Love Find You 
by Johanna Lindsey 
(Reid Family #4)
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London society has its very own Cupid. Renowned horse breeder and occasional matchmaker Devin Baldwin pairs eligible young ladies with suitable gentlemen based on his theory of animal magnetism. Unafraid of ruffling the ton’s feathers, this darkly handsome Cupid doles out tips for bettering one’s chances of meeting a mate that are as pointed as the love legend’s sharpest arrows!

Lovely Amanda Locke, the daughter of a duke, is everything a nobleman could desire, yet she enters her third Season still searching for a match. Gossipmongers’ tongues are wagging, and her mystified family is considering drastic measures to find her a husband. But the insufferable advice of this Cupid fellow is the last thing Amanda wants.

When an earl passionate about horses becomes the target of her husband hunt, Amanda knows it’s time to overcome her fear of riding. With her sister-in-law Ophelia hastening the romance along by arranging riding lessons, Amanda is soon taking instruction from infuriating Devin Baldwin. Astonishingly, in her daily encounters with Devin—who treats her as an ordinary young woman, not a prize to be won at the marriage mart—Amanda experiences passion for the first time. Now, her search for a match takes her in an unexpected direction as she finds herself falling in love with Cupid himself.


When I saw this book in the store I was so excited! I absolutely love Johanna Lindsey. Then I flipped it over and saw that the heroine's name is Amanda!

Amanda Locke has been looking for husband, two seasons have come and gone with no luck. Now, she is getting a bit desperate - not wanting to end up an old-maid (at 20 or 21). Fortunately, her comes from a family with means therefore she is able to wed for love, problem is, she finds all the men of the ton dull. That is until she meets Cupid. Devin Baldwin is a renowned horse breeder and has recently returned to London. Marriage is not on his mind, his interests lie within growing his business. However, he has gained the nickname of Cupid because he has helped a few couples find true love and happiness. He uses a practical approach when it comes to matching, for example, he finds pairs people who have similar interests (what a thought!). When Devin meets Amanda, he is struck by her beauty and it is plain to see that she is going about husband hunting all wrong. He agrees to help her, but soon finds that there is no man good enough for her, not even himself though he does start to fall for her. He is a bastard of an unknown nobleman and is currently being targeted by an unknown assassin.

I really like Devin but Amanda's character was a bit annoying, which was disappointing. She was...a little annoying and very hot tempered. She over sensitive. I also felt that the romance was lacking, it just didn't feel real...or maybe if the book were a little longer the romance would have grown more naturally. It was also strange that there was only one "love scene" which is odd for this author's style.

Though this book was okay, I still maintain my love for her books and writing style. Her older works are amazing! And I have reread so many countless times. Perhaps I am judging this book harshly since her earlier books were so dame awesome!

Anyway, I did enjoy the book. It was a fast and simple read, something good for laying on the beach or by the pool.


  1. I love Lindsey's Mallory family books and many of her other ones but I agree this one just wasn't up to par.

  2. I thought your review was on the nice side compared to the one I did last year for this book LOL. I love Lindsey. She was the first historical romance author I ever read. But this book was just not up to her standards and it made me wonder if she actually was the author.


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