Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: Tin God by Stacy Green

Tin God
By Stacy Green
Delta Crossroads #1

Tin God:  Idol worshippers in Biblical times often prayed to idols made of metal. Christians–worshippers of the one true God–believed these to be false gods, an idol who’s worshipped by those too ignorant to understand.

The set up
Jaymee Ballard has had a pretty tough life already to be only 25 years old. Yet she's resolved to find her daughter who she was forced to give up seven years ago in what she now knows was an illegal adoption. Her luck seems to continue south when she discovers her friend and employer, Rebecca Newton, murdered in her home. It's even more troubling as friend, Lana, was murdered in a similar way four years ago...and both women looked so much alike it was remarkable. Nick Samuels, Lana's husband, doesn't think it's a coincidence, either.

The mystery
First Lana is murdered, then Rebecca and the only common link aside from their similar appearance is Jaymee. Nick is convinced that the secrets Jaymee refuses to share with him are critical to solving the murders and she's too frightened of the repercussions to say much more. It's clear that her baby's adoption is key but can't be the only thing driving the killer. Lana and Rebecca's connection to Jaymee doesn't explain their murders...and those that follow.

The suspects
There are enough lowlifes in this story to keep you brain zinging as well as a ton of secrets to knock you off balance. There's Jaymee's cruel and hypocritical father, Rebecca's aloof husband, and a smarmy pastor just to name a few.

What works
Everything about this story works like a beautifully composed symphony, with the crescendos in the right place and in perfect tempo. The hot, humid Mississippi setting made it even more intriguing. This mystery meanders around the town and it's characters who live duplicitous lives, twisting and turning through the truths, lies and secrets, which reveal themselves at just the right moments. Underlying the mystery is the slowly developed relationship between Jaymee and Nick that sneaks up on you just like it did them, in tandem with the pace of the story. Clues unfold naturally, leading to the tension-filled climax.

Bottom line
This story is masterfully written with the right attention paid to the elements that create a good mystery. The characters are well developed with motivations and behaviors carefully woven in the fabric of the plot. The romance was not too much nor too little, just enough to add another level of interest. There are more than a few surprises and twists but you were set up to receive them given the players. I loved this story that kept me more than a little off balance and unwilling to put it down.


Born in Indiana and raised in Iowa, Stacy Green earned degrees in journalism and sociology from Drake University. After a successful advertising career, Stacy became a proud stay-at-home mom to her miracle child. Now a full-time author, Stacy juggles her time between her demanding characters and supportive family. She loves reading, cooking, and the occasional gardening excursion. Stacy lives in Marion, Iowa with her husband Rob, their daughter Grace, and the family’s three obnoxious but lovable canine children.

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