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Yes and another AADNOLA Post. Don't Hate.

AAD felt like a high school reunion but one you actually wanted to go to and had fun at. It was so great to meet not only the authors which were all super nice and friendly but it was really awesome to meet the fellow bloggers since I speak with them on a weekly or in some cases a daily base on Twitter/Email.

And since I compared AADNOLA to a class reunion I would have to say that these authors were the Class Clowns: Nicole Peeler, Jaye Wells, Kristen Painter, Mark Henry & Dakota Cassidy

They authors had me laughing so freaking much that I stalked them during the panels and meals.


Jen, Marcela, Julie & me

After checking in on Wednesday afternoon I got to meet a few fellow bloggers. (Jen @ Red Hot Books, Marcela @ The Bookaholic Cat & Julie @ Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks)

Jen, S. Day & me

One of my 1st author siting was Syliva Day. And I don't care what Jen says, I did NOT scream Stomp vs Romp at her. She's not even part of the event. I asked her but the timing didn't work out. I was trying to keep Jen from tackling her, since she is a huge fan after reading Bared to You.

Marcela, Julie, Sarah, Jen & m

After a hanging some in the lobby of the hotel we decided to hit Pat O'Brien's for a Hurricane.

Juile mentioned her recap post that the Hurricane was an acquired taste....Yeah well NOLA might be famous for the drink but I've had WAY better. This one just tasted like cherry kool aide.

Then there was the meet and greet where I got to meet some more bloggers and authors.

Jen, Lupe & me

YAY. Loupe from Hot Listens! AWESOME lady!!

with Laurie London

Why does my head look freakishly large next to Laurie London's?! She was so nice even though she is on the STOMP side of Stomp vs Romp. LOL

OMFG It's Kelly Meding!!!
Kelly Meding does an amazing job with her books. You should check them out if you have not already. I was lucky to spend some more time with her later in the week at lunch and at one of the panels.
with The Obscured Vixen

with Grace @Books of Love


Thursday morning and I had a fangirl moment in the coffee shop in the hotel when I saw Jeaniene Frost waiting in line to get breakfast. I looked over at my room mate and told her "that's Jeaniene Frost" and she said I know. We both did a quite squeal. I told her that I would not be that person that bugs an author while they are trying to eat. So I walked away before I could tackle Frost. LOL But I did get to eat at her table for lunch later in the day. YAY!

Author sandwich with J. Frost & P. Palmer

Reading - Supernatural NOLA
Suzanne Johnson

There was a few more authors listed for this reading but they got double booked with field trips so Ms. Johnson had to cover the hour alone and she did a fantastic job. She was really nice and after hearing her read and talk about her book, Royal Street I knew that I would be grabbing a copy at the signing later in the week.
bit fuzzy but with Nicole Peeler

Panel - World Building

Pamela Palmer, Kristen Painter, Jessa Slade, Nicole Peeler, Jae Lynne Davies, Melanie Card

Peeler called her world building "lazy". She was a hoot!
Jen, C.J. Ellisson, me & room mate Sarah
I had another author siting in the lobby. I was surprised to see C.J. Ellisson. She was another last minute addition to AADNOLA when another author couldn't make it. I've enjoyed reading her books in the past and it was nice to meet her in person. I also sat at her lunch table. She is a true Cougar at heart. LOVE IT.

Panel - Odd Paranormals

Jaye Wells, Lia Habel, Nicole Peeler, Theresa Meyers, Mark Henry, Boone Brux

Again Peeler, Wells and Henry were the cut ups of the group.

Panel - The Alpha/Beta of PNR and UF

Kelly Meding, Suzanne Johnson, Diana Rowland, Carolyn Crane, Theresa Meyers, Melanie Card

Reading - Menage

Sophie Oak, Cat Grant, BA Tortuga, Tilly Greene

My room mate went on a field trip so I just kind of wondered around with Shari from Delighted Reader and we walking into this reading. I had no idea what the reading was on and it became quite clear really fast that it was on Menage.

There was one reader in the audience that go so wrapped up in the reading that when B.A. Tortuga got to the "I'm pregnant" moment she yelled "oh fuck" real loud and then said sorry afterwards.


Panel - The Dark Humor Side of UF

Mark Henry, Carolyn Carne, Erin Kellison, Dakota Cassidy, Jaye Wells, Adrian Phoenix

This was one of the funnier panels that I attended. Henry, Wells and Cassidy should take their show on the road. Effing hilarious!

Panel - Zombies

Lia Habel, Mark Henry, Keep the Tip - Diana Rowland, Li and DeBeaumont

Best line in this panel was a joke from Rowland. "What did the zombie say to the hooker? You can keep the tip."

Panel - Menage

Joey W. Hill, Samantha Kane, Cat Johnson, Brynn Paulin, Stephanie Julian, B.A. Tortuga.

B.A. Tortuga stole the show on this panel. She is funny. All the other authors hated following her on the Q & A part. She is just a down to earth Texan that tells it like it is.

With Amanda Carlson

Panel - Lunar Shifters and others

Eliza Gayle, Diana Castilleja, Cynthia Eden, Katie Reus, Bronwyn Green, Lacie Nation, Amanda Carlson

I totally went to the panel just to hear what Amanda Carlson had to say. All the ladies on this panel was super nice and they love them some fur!

Panel - Urban Fantasy

Kristen Painter, Jess Haines, Kelly Gay, Suzanne Johnson, Jeaniene Frost

Another super fun panel. I think the funniest part was where the discussion turned to the difference between UF and PNR covers. Basically if there's man boob then you are reading a PNR.

Oh and the part where Frost talks about a 10 inches cock was fun too. LOL

with Jen @Twimom227

After hearing that Jen @ That's What I'm Talking About with Twimom227 was at AADNOLA but not seeing her I finally got to meet her before dinner on Friday night.


Saturday a group of us meet Rachel from Parajunkee for breakfast. It was great meeting her and getting to hang for a bit.

YA Reading

Lia Habel, Melanie Card, Mark Henry (Daniel Marks), Kelly Keaton (Kelly Gay), Leanna Renee Heiber

I'm not a huge YA fan but if it's paranormal themed and it grabs my attention I'll give it a try. After listening to these authors read from their books I bought Kelly Keaton and Melanie Card's books at the signing that followed. The only reason I didn't get Mark Henry's YA book is because it doesn't release until October but I'm so getting that book bitches! (Velveteen)

ROMP sandwich with K. Meding & Jess Haines

Books I bought at the signing:

Kelly Meding, Jeaniene Frost, Jess Haines, Mark Henry, Kelly Keaton (Kell Gay), Dakota Cassidy, Diana Rowland, Melanie Card, Suzanne Johnson, Jaye Wells

Authors that were robbed at the signing!

There was an ordering problem or miscommunication. But for whatever reason a few of the authors didn’t have books at the signing. The two I was really looking forward to buying their books and getting them signed was Kristen Painter and Nicole Peeler. Luckily for me Painter had one copy left of Bad Blood from her personal stash and she was so nice to sign it and give to me.

with the VERY tall Kristen Painter

And I brought a copy of Eye of the Tempest from home for Peeler to sign. So I did get their signatures but it sucked for others that wanted them or who might have wanted to try these authors out that have not had the pleasure of reading them before. (And it is a pleasure to read these two ladies. If you have not add them to you TBR list!!)

A few shout outs:

The Jeep Diva (BAAAHHH!!)
Picky Me (Don’t forget the floss!)

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Just found out that I was picked as 
one of the Featured Bloggers for 2013.

So who's going to #AADSAV next August?!

List of Authors (so far)


  1. Only the first 3 pictures show up, the others have that cross thing in the corner :-( Seems you have an AWESOME time though :-)

  2. It was so great to meet you!! I love your wrap up. It was such a great time and I do hope to get to Savannah next year! PS... don't worry, can't read enough wrap up posts! I just put mine up today!

  3. OMG I would have LOOOVED to be at the same table as Jeaniene Frost and Pamela Palmer. AAD looks like so much fun :-)

    Paranormal Haven

  4. LOL. You totally yelled that at her. And WHAT is the name of my blog again?

    (*hugs*) It was great to meet you. Next stop... RT!

    1. Sorry. I was putting this together with a 6 year talking in my ear about wanting to watch Scooby Doo. UGH.

      And NO I did not yell that at her. ;p

      RT or bust!!

  5. Great post, loved all the pictures :) Hoping I can make it next year.

  6. Great post!!! I'm glad you had a good time, it was really awesome to finally meet you. I think you are a great girl too :) I loved meeting you!

  7. I also loved meeting you roommate Sarah, she is a fun and anice girl too. Tell her I said HI!

  8. looks like you had an awesome time! AAD seems like a super fun CON, I'm trying to decide if I want to do that next year or save for RT!

  9. BAAAAHHHH back at cha chickie!

  10. I'm so glad you had an amazing time! Soo, jealous of the author sandwich! Thanks for sharing your pics and your experience! <3 it!

  11. This looked like it would have been so much fun! One day I'll make my way over to the US but for now I'll have to live it through the people that do go :)

  12. Okay, now that I know what you look like, I can scope you out for Savannah! GREAT, great recap. I had such a great time and it's so cool to see others that had just as much fun.


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