Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review: Lucinda, Darkly

The Demon Princess Chronicles#1
Release Date: August 7, 2007
Erotic Paranormal
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For centuries, Lucinda has endured her agonizing reality. As daughter of the High Lord of Hell, she rules over nothing, retrieving the occasional wayward demon and feeding off of the savage Monére—of whom she was a member before she died.
Then she encounters the Monére warrior Stefan, who offers himself to her. She is moved beyond measure by her desire for him—and soon finds herself drawn back into the heady eroticism of the Monére. There, she must carve out a home between the jealousy of the dead and the violence of the living, if she is to keep her newfound love—and life…


I like to refer to Sunny's writing as Laurell K. Hamilton Lite. You know with an actual plot and with a side of smut that factors into the plot. As opposed to a book full of just orgies (coughs - Anita).

If you enjoyed Sunny's Monére, Children of the Moon Series (aka Mona Lisa Series), you will enjoy Lucinda, Darkly. It follows in much the same style as the Mona Lisa series and in the same world. For those of you that has read the Mona Lisa books you've meet Halcyon, Lucinda's demon brother. (Yummy BTW)

The story revolves around Lucinda's job as a guardian from Hell. While she is on Earth she runs into a rouge Monére warrior, Stefan, that brings up feelings in her that she has not had in a very long time. Like in over 600 years long. After Lucinda leaves Stefan to return to her home in Hell she gets a new job assigned to her. She must hunt a rouge Monére warrior and bring him back to his Queen. Fearing that the rouge is Stefan, Lucinda is relieved to find out it is not Stefan but a different warrior named Nico.

But once Lucinda hunts Nico down and returns him to his Queen she decides to claim him as hers. And in turn also claiming the demon that Nico's Queen has in possession.

The plot revolves around the stolen demon, Talon, who needs to be returned to his homeland and the struggles Lucinda and her rouge warriors face in doing so.

But the real struggle is the interpersonal one that Lucinda has trying to keep her emotional distance from her new found men, who are desperate to get closer to her.

So if you like reading paranormal books where the heroine has a harem of sexy men (wouldn't we all like to have one of those) this is the read for you.

My Rating: 3

Demon Princess Chronicles#2
Release Date: October 2009
Erotic Paranormal

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  1. This looks really good. I have being looking for something to replace Anita Blake for a while, i like smut but think Hamilton took it a bit far.

    Amy (new follower)


  2. LIke the review, I smiled at the LKH-lite comment, pretty fitting for sunny. I read several of the books in the Mona Lisa series, thought they were “ok"

  3. This really sounds like a good summer read, I should look for it in the local library :) And the cover is fab! Thanks for the great review :) I agree with Book Savvy Babe, the LKH-lite comment made me laugh!


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