Tuesday, May 24, 2011

B&N's New Nook

Barnes and Noble announces yet another Nook.

It's all touch screen and has e-ink. They claim that the new battery life will hold a charge for 2 months. And it's light weight.

To see more click here.

I have the 1st Edition Nook.

And I love it. My only complaint is the battery life, it does not last the 10 days they claim. So the longer battery life would be nice and the lighter weight would be a plus too.
But I'll stick with my Nook and if something happens to it I will replace it with the newer Nook and not Nook Color. I prefer the e-ink to the color screen. I sit in front of a PC all day and when I read I want a break from the bright LCD screens.


  1. I love the idea of the 2 month battery life. I leave my wireless on all the time for my Nook Color, unless I consciously think about turning it off. Even so, its last a couple days for quick uses, or a good 8 hours if reading all day (atleast until I get the warning at 20%).

    Though, the Nook Color is nothing like looking at a LCD monitor, I don't think. It seems more like looking at a nice HD tv than a computer monitor. But I like the new cheap price on the 1st gen Nooks. If I got where could justify a e-ink one for the daily reading grind and save the color for more going away, then I'd get one of those.

  2. I also have an original Nook and love it. I notice the battery life lasts a little longer if you turn the Wi-Fi off. I'm not too sold on the Nook Color or this new one so I'll stick with my old one for now!


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