Wednesday, July 20, 2011



Karen Marie Moning, author of the Fever series has been promising her fans that she would release a short, JZB Sex POV. And she said, "Make sure you have a little time. It's nearly 5,000 words."

Well per her Facebook page she is releasing it TOMORROW!!! I can't wait.

On JZB's Facebook page he commented "Finally got Karen Marie Moning out of my head. You think you know what's coming tomorrow. You have no bloody idea."


  1. Oh how I love that man! He is my number one book boyfriend. I love this series! Can't wait...*rubbing hands together evily*

  2. Do you know how it is going to be available? I dont have an e reader :(

  3. I just want to know what he's thinking when he looks at Mac. I want a whole new series from Barrons's POV because I honestly would love to know what he was thinking about Mac the whole time the series was going on. We only got a snippet in Shadowfever, and dude was JEALOUS! Huge emotions there. He's not that complicated, just dark and sexy as all hell!


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