Thursday, July 14, 2011

MINI - REVIEW: Ann Jacobs

Tittle: Her Very Special Robot
Author: Ann Jacobs
Published by: Ellora's Cave
Pub Date: August 2009
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Trace, a movie stuntman, will do anything—anything at all—for his best friend’s widow. He sets out to give Allie what she asked for, a vacation at the House of a Thousand Pleasures, complete with a very lifelike robot who is going to make her wildest sexual dreams come true. Allie soon learns the robot is really Trace. He’s on a mission—to make Allie love him enough to overlook the fact he’s in the same business that killed her husband, and take him on for more than a few days of pure sexual pleasure.


Her Very Special Robot is an erotic short about a twenty-something exotic dancer named Allie that lost the love of her life in an accident. Trace is a hot stuntman and best friend to Allie's lost love, Jack. During a year of grieving, Allie and Trace become best friends. And Allie believes she is ready move on. But she doesn't want to fall in love again because it hurt some much when she lost Jack that she doesn't want to go through that ever again. She just wants someone to have fun with in bed.
Allie tells Trace that she wants to go on a get away to help with the anniversary of Jack's death. He tells her about a great ski resort and makes the plans for them to meet there for a vacation. But little does Allie know, Trace has some surprises awaiting on her.
This is a short and fast read. Very hot. If you like piercing you will LOVE Trace. I found myself looking up some of the piercings just to have a visual and all I could think was OMG.

Tittle: Hot for the Reunion
Author: Ann Jacobs
Published by: Ellora's Cave
Pub Date: September 2009
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Introducing the Gridiron Lovers series.Twenty years ago Cal Tate played hard on and off the high-school football field he’s now trying to renovate. The former quarterback’s memories of hot times under the bleachers are still there, and it doesn’t take long for his libido to kick in when he gets up close and personal with his assistant on the project. Melanie Anthony once lusted after Cal from afar, but in those days a girl’s reputation was everything. Times have changed, and now Melanie’s ready to be “bad” and sample every inch of Cal in the flesh.Mutual lust runs so hot it overwhelms them both and overshadows the reunion that first brought them together.


Hot for the Reunion was another hot and short read by Ann Jacobs. It's basically about a couple that went to high school together and meet at a reunion. Melanie had a crush on Cal in school but he never knew. They are both single now and have grown kids. They get together for some adult fun.

I enjoyed these two freebie reads; I'll have to check out other works by this author in the future.

My over all author rating is:


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