Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MINI - REVIEW: Conrad's First Girl by Varian Krylov

Conrad's First Girl
by Varian Krylov

Conrad has planned an abduction, but before he can execute his perfect crime, he needs a little practice bending reluctant virgins to his will. Enter Elsie, Conrad's first girl. A prequel to Varian Krylov's bestselling "ABDUCTION!"


Conrad's First Girl is nothing but a hot teaser. Conrad meets Elsie in a coffee shop and asks for her phone number. Elsie being a "plain Jane" can't understand why a hot guy like Conrad would talk to her let alone call her for a date. Expecting a kiss at the end of their first date, Elsie gets more than she bargained for. 

Conrad's First Girl is a short erotic read with a lot of hot fore play and not much of anything else. If you are looking for a "quickie" smut filled read then you will enjoy it. Although just as it's getting good it ends. Shame on you Ms. Krylov for leaving me hanging. I wanted to know what Elsie's answer was to Conrad's last question for her.



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