Thursday, December 15, 2011

PROMO: Everything Erotic Volume III

      Everything Erotic Volume III
Everything Erotic Volume III
Ebook By C.J. Ellisson
Published: Dec. 17, 2010
Words: 29575 (approximate)

Ten published erotica authors tantalize and tease your every desire with original erotica. Whatever your persuasion you will find something to satisfy your need for spicy stories and sensual sex.

Short stories, monthly serials, sex toy reviews, sex in history articles, erotica book reviews, and excerpts from published erotica writers.

This month in Everything Erotic Volume III you'll find:

Alice Gaines - She includes her last contribution to the anthologies with her ongoing serial titled The Adventures of Wonderslut, a heroine who battles for the non-orgasmic and The Voluptuous Correspondence of Lady X.

C.J. Ellisson - Delivers the next installment in her red hot Johnny Living Dangerous series about a male singer in an all girl band called "Butt Boy and the Receptacles" and one of her infamous sex toy reviews.

Danielle Gavan - Danielle brings us her erotic paranormal involving a cursed female vampire searching for orgasmic release titled The Erotic Adventures of Sidony Tassen and she co-writes Tempted by Fate involving some hot fairies set in an alternate universe.

Delilah Devlin - This author pens an unforgettable tale about sexy lesbian cowboys in her award winning serial titled The Hired Hand.

Greta Goddard - Greta tells some great short stories involving randy guests at a hotel; tune in each month to see who does whom!

Jaxon Vail - Her "Sex Through History" segment in this volume features the Greek Gods.

M.K. Elliott - This writer pens a sexy threesome scene this month!

Nickie Asher - Nickie shares an unforgettable tale, Shades of Crimson, of a modern vampire lusting after the models he paints and a new edition called Lord of Shadows.

Scarlett Jameson - Scarlett contributes a hot short stories titled "Working Late" and her very first sex toy review.

Whitley Gray - You'll never look at a hospital the same way! Whitley spins some incredible tales of the employees and the variety of sexual exploits they encounter in her ongoing monthly serial.

There will be many multi-part stories that continue in the next volume. An ebook will be produced at the end of every month and a print copy will be produced quarterly.

Warning: Explicit sexual content. Mature readers over 18 only.

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  1. I'm actually reading Vol I for a review right now!


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