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REVIEW: Everything Erotic Volume I

Everything Erotic Volume I
Published: Dec. 17, 2010
Words: 52536 (approximate)
Language: English
Ongoing serials, stand alone shorts, sex through history articles, and sex toy reviews. The name says it all - Everything Erotic! Eleven published authors: Alice Gaines, C.J. Ellisson, Danielle Gavan, Greta Goddard, Jaxon Vail, M.K. Elliott, Nickie Asher, Scarlett Jameson, and Whitley Gray. Warning: Explicit sexual content. Mature readers over 18 only.


O.M.G. this anthology was HAWT! I am so glad that I had received Volumes 1, 2 & 3 all at once to review from Bewitching Book Tours. I would have DIED if I had to want to read the on going shorts in this volume. Some of the stories were stand alone but the really good ones are continued in our volumes. They get you all on the edge of your seat and then there is a "This story is continued in Volume #". I was was flipping between the three volumes so much to finish the stories that I gave myself whiplash.

Some of the stories are about "normal" people and then other stories have a paranormal twist to them. Which was nice to have the mixed genres within the erotica so that you didn't get bored. This anthology is anything but boring! It had me reaching for my B.O.B. so many times I lost count. ( I know, eww, TMI but you're going to read something this hot you can't be afraid to talk about it in a review)

So if you are looking for some quick hot reads I would run to All Romance or Smashwords and get ALL of the volumes that are available. One of the stories continues in Volume IV and I so paying the $0.99 to see what happens. With a cheap price like that I can afford to get all the other ones as well.

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