Tuesday, April 3, 2012

True Blood: First Taste of Season 5

Sookie burying Debbie? Who's helping? Tara or Lafayette?
I've read where Tara does come back for this season. But in what manner? Does Eric or Bill hear Sookie's cry for help? Or does Lafayette work some kind of mojo to bring Tara back?

What kind of craziness is going on with Terry and the other solider guy?

Eric kissing someone that's not Sookie? Vamp or human?
I've read where there are new vamps this season and one is a "sister" to Eric.

Steve entering Jason's house. Come Jason don't be that dumb. Will Jessica save him?

More Sookie screaming. Of course.

What's your thoughts no the teaser? What predictions do you want to make for the season?


  1. I'm getting a bit tired of True Blood. I was a fan of first seasons but not much anymore. Anyway, I'm sure I'll watch every single one of the new episodes. Team Eric!

  2. I don't know what they're planning this season at all but I'm a bit tired of it. Doesn't help that I hate Sookie and hope someone finally kill her or something. But I'll watch it for Eric I just don't expect to love it like I did the first season.

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  3. I'm still catching up on season 3... Season 4 is not even available at the library yet... yikes

  4. Im more shocked with Eric kissing someone else....what up with that??? And does Tara really come back, how?? Im super stoked to watch season 5 and I see since the season 4 that its straying very far from the books....now Im curious!

  5. Oh I'm definitely looking forward to season 5, but at the same time, myself personally I enjoy the books more, especially Eric...but I still get very excited for True Blood....I can't believe Eric is kissing someone else, but I hope there's plenty of Eric nakedness this season, I'll enjoy some Alcide, and Jason on the side too...But do we know if Quinn is going to be on True Blood??? I want to see who plays that sexy were-tiger and I want the scene where he licks Sookie's leg at the cage fights!!*sigh* That's in book 5 right??
    Thanks for the teaser!!:)

    1. I'm hoping they leave Quinn out. He was not my favorite character in the books.

      Alan Ball has stated that season 5 will be a mix of book 5 & 6.


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