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Review: The Cowboy and The Vampire

 The Cowboy and The Vampire

The Cowboy and The Vampire
by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall
(Cowboy and Vampire #1)
Paperback, 392 pages
Published October 8th 2010 by Midnight Ink
My copy was provided by the publisher via Bewitching Book Tours
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RATING: ★★★ 1/2

The Cowboy and the Vampire: A Darkly Romantic Mystery is about a love that's stronger than death. Tucker is a down-on-his-luck Wyoming cowboy with modest dreams -- winning a little extra cash at the upcoming Labor Day rodeo -- until he meets, Lizzie, a hotshot reporter from New York. She has her eye on a Pulitzer until she falls, literally, for Tucker and they both are blindsided by love. The Cowboy doesn’t wear spurs and The Vampire doesn’t drink from humans.

Now that they've found each other, nothing can keep them apart, except maybe a horde of bloodthirsty Vampires. Lizzie has a tragic legacy running through her veins and evil forces, including her scheming father and his lovely consort Elita, will stop at nothing to posses it.

With nothing but their love and some very large handguns to protect them, Tucker and Lizzie's opposites attract relationship faces the worst of the undead in the heart of the new west. The Cowboy and the Vampire is a fast-paced adventure that's equal parts gritty western realism and bloodcurdling Gothic horror with plenty of black humor, a smart new twist on the Vampire legend and a few doomed alpacas. (pic and summary taken from Amazon)


The Cowboy and The Vampire is about good and evil. It has a unique, somewhat religious twist to the vampire myth; where the humans are referred to as Adamites by the vampires.

The story is told from both Lizzie and Tucker's point of views. I enjoyed Tucker’s side a little more since there was some tongue in cheek humor and we got to see some pretty funny side characters through his eyes.

The back of the book states that The Cowboy and The Vampire is “A Darkly Romantic Mystery”, well there were some romantic aspects but it was not the main focus (aka no smexy scenes). As far as the Mystery part….not so much. And yeah there were some dark parts but it’s by no way the darkest book I’ve ever read. I think the use of the humor by naming the Tucker’s horse Snort shows that there are some very light moments.

Basically you have an average Joe (Tucker) and a New York reporter (Lizzie) thrown into a romantic relationship and then again thrown into the world of vampires. For the most part I enjoyed the book but it did take me a while to finish it. I kept getting distracted by other books causing me to put this one down a few times. But that will not stop me from reading the second book, Whiskey and Blood.

NOTE: There was a gross out factor for me. Yeah vampires drink blood but I was a little grossed out by the fact that the bad guy wanted to drink Lizzie's menses blood. ECK!



  1. Oh, total Ick. Feh. Sometimes vampires are called Cainites or children of Cain, as he is sometimes the first vampire. So Adamites kinda makes sense.
    steph from FANGS, WANDS and FAIRY DUST

  2. Ew! Your gross out was the same for me!!!

  3. Hey, thanks for the thoughtful review! We really appreciate it, and look forward to your reaction to Blood and Whiskey, which we actually think is the best of the series (so far...!). As for the ick factor, it always surprises us a little when readers respond that way, but you are def not the first! From a vampire point of view, menstrual blood is easy and filled with the power of human life. Delicious! And they aren't ones to worry about what grosses out humans, right?

    1. I have a pretty gross sense of humor and I've wondered why I've not read a book yet about this. LOL

  4. I like the fact that it is not really a romance, but I need some darkness. I've read a short story where the vampire drinks from a woman', er...well yeah that. I can't remember the title though. Interesting point from Steph about "Adamites."

  5. I agree with the gross factor.. that was just unimaginable! I'm posting my review for this book on July 14 :)

    I definitely have strong opinions lol


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