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PNR Review: Driving Mr. Dead by Molly Harper

Driving Mr. Dead
Driving Mr. Dead 
by Molly Harper
(Dead Moon Hollow #1)
ebook, 192 pages
Published January 31st 2012 by Pocket Star



After failing as a magician's assistant, a photographer, and most recently, a bride, Miranda Puckett takes a position as a driver for Beeline, Half-Moon Hollow's premiere vampire concierge service.

Miranda's assignment? Driving Collin Sutherland, the world's most fastidious vampire from Washington to Kentucky, so he can deliver a mysterious black case to Council official Ophelia Lambert.

Collin, a paranoid, aristocratic vampire with a debilitating fear of flying, refuses to let the case out of his sight. Miranda needs this time on the road to decide whether to permanently cut her ties with the fiance that had an "emotional affair" with a childhood pal, but Collin’s neatnik tendencies are driving her around the bend. The man acts as if leaving a fast food wrapped on the passenger seat is reason for a full-on CDC de-contamination scrub-down of the car. All she can do is promise to stop intentionally doing the things that make his stiff upper lip twitch with irritation. 

As more and more mishaps occur on the road trip from hell, Miranda and Collin work together to meet his delivery deadline. Hotel rooms are destroyed. Beloved cars are defiled. And somewhere along the line, client-driver hostilities become snarky flirtation.

Will Collin and Miranda make it to the Hollow in one piece? And if they do, will Miranda leave old, safe relationships behind for something new and well, just plain weird? (pic and summary grabbed from Goodreads)


Driving Mr. Dead is a great fast read with Harper’s usual mix of humor and sexiness. Fans of the Jane Jameson series will want to check out the novella. We get a short and funny scene with Dick and a few mentions of Jane. But if you have not read the JJ series you can still read Driving Mr. Dead and not be lost.

Miranda Puckett is a fun loving gal that is having a bad time deciding wither to get back with her ex-fiance. In order to get a little alone time and space from him to think, she takes a job with her friend’s transport company. They just happen to transport vampires.

Miranda’s first client, Collin, is an anal-retentive, shut-in vampire that lives in the middle of no where. And in true Miranda style she is late picking him up for his cross country trip from Washington State to Half-Moon Hollow, KY.

The trip is full of funny mishaps and a budding romance between “wild child” Miranda and the up tied but still sexy, Collin. I couldn’t help but think of the movie Due Date while reading this novella, like in the movie everything that could go wrong on this road trip happened. If you are looking for a fun and romantic read with a little bite then give Molly Harper’s Driving Mr. Dead a spin.

Funny Quote:
“Did they make Adam's apple porn? Was that a thing? Would I be scarred for life if I Googled it? And if I couldnt find any pictures, could I take my own?”

Next book in the series:

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(Dead Moon Hollow #2)


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  1. I really enjoyed this book. It's so fun, light and short which makes it impossible not to like! Great review.

  2. Fun, fun! I have to say this is my favorite audiobook so far from Molly Harper.

  3. Driving Mr. Dead sounds like a fun read! I really enjoyed Molly Harper's guest post on writing stomp and romp. Lol. I always wondered how writers of super steamy romance faced grandma at the dinner table! I don't know if I could do it!

  4. sounds wonderful, I have wanted to read care and feeding now I know this one is first I will have to get it first.

  5. I've started Molly Harper's Jane Jameson series - and plan to finish it - but hadn't heard about this series. Great to both hear about it and that I can either read it now or after I finish the first series :)

    Thanks for the review.

  6. This book sounds great, can't wait to read it!

  7. I really enjoy it when you can read a book in the world that is not at the beginning and still find it enjoyable. Thanks for sharing this is a good thing to know :)


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