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ROMP Interview + Giveaway with Amanda Ashley


Please help The Book Nympho welcome Amanda Ashley 
to the ROMP side of Stomp vs Romp today.

Your books aren’t all about the ROMP. Which scenes do you find the hardest to write, a sexy scene or the action scenes?

I don’t really have trouble writing either one. I suppose with love scenes, the most difficult part is trying not to repeat something I’ve said before. After all, there are only so many ways to say “they did it” without being repetitious.

What kind of research do you do in order to write a ROMP (sexy) scene?

LOL. I’ve been married a very long time. No more research necessary! I have to admit to watching Dracula starring Frank Langella several times when I was writing one of my books. The love scene in that movie is sensual beyond words and was great inspiration - since my husband doesn’t have fangs!

I read all kinds of romance and mostly in the paranormal genre and some of the ROMP scenes can get graphic in nature. I noticed when reading Bound by Night that your ROMP scenes were hot but not over revealing or graphic. Why is that? Is it your personal choice or that of your publisher?

It’s my personal choice. I don’t write graphic love scenes, and I don’t want to read them. I know how it’s done *g* I don’t need the mechanics of what goes where. I’d rather read about the emotions between the characters. I want to know what they’re feeling, thinking. As for my books, I’m also very aware that some of my readers are pre-teens and I feel a sense of responsibility for what I write. I don’t want to fill any young minds with images that shouldn’t be there.
You had a summer release, His Dark Embrace, what was your favorite character (or) scene to write?

I loved the scene where they make love the first time and then my heroine discovers, while still in the hero’s arms, that he’s a vampire.

Amanda AshleyYou just released Beneath a Midnight Moon. Can we expect any ROMP scenes? Cause, come on that guy on the cover is very Romp-A-Licious. And is this one about vampires or a different creature of the night?

Isn’t that a luscious cover!!!!! Beneath a Midnight Moon is an old book being reissued by Kensington’s ebook line. Naturally, there are love scenes…..rated PG-13. This book is another of my favorites – set in a fantasy world – with a strong, sexy Alpha hero – Hardane - who’s a shapeshifter and a heroine – Kylene - who doesn’t know who she really is. Their adventure begins when he rescues her from certain death at the hands of the King’s interrogator.

I love the book trailer that Blazing Trailers made for it.

Desire the NightLooking ahead at your upcoming releases you have yet another book releasing this year (who’s a busy writer) one is Desire the Night (9/12). Is it a stand alone or is it tied into any of your other books? 

Desire the Night is a stand alone book, and one of my favorites. It has everything – vampires, werewolves, and witches, oh my. I love my hero! I love my heroine. I love the whole darn book.

Blazing Trailers has made an awesome trailer for this one, too.

Thank you so much Amanda for taking the time to be part of Stomp vs Romp. I’ve enjoyed discovering you as an author and I plan to read many more of your books.

Thank you for asking me!


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  1. Jennifer - Are you saying that Bound by Night wasn't hot enough for you? LOL Why am I not surprised? ;)

    Great interview ladies but Heather's post is way better because she is (as you know) on the winning team. a.k.a. STOMP! :p


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