Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Book Exchange 2.0

Sign Ups for the Fall Book Exchange 2.0 are up over at The *Official* Blog of the Ruby's Reads Book Exchanges

This time around it's co-hosted by:

           Ruby's Reads       Letters Inside Out button

The Rules of the Exchange:

First, here's a little refresher on how things will work: Each participant will link to at least one wishlist with a collection of titles they'd like to receive from their Santa. Names will be thrown in a virtual hat and drawn so that each person will have a Fall Santa who will give them a book, and a Fall Santee they will give to. Fall Santas will choose titles from their Santee's wishlist(s). We want to be clear: Everyone who signs up will both give and receive. Sounds like fun? Yeah, we thought so too.

 Here are the rules:

  1. You do not have to be a book blogger to participate. Everyone's welcome! 
  2. International participants are welcome, too, anywhere that the Book Depository ships. Please be aware, when you sign up, that you may be assigned an international santee. 
  3. You will need wishlist in order to participate. Where you keep your wishlist--on Goodreads, Amazon, or your blog--is up to you and you will be able to link to two wishlists in the form. If you need help setting up a wishlist, email me and we'll help you figure it out. Amanda may be a technical genius, but Ruby is definitely not. 
  4. PLEASE NOTE: Fall Santas (FSs--) will chose TWO books from your wishlist for a total of around $18-20. If you want one book for that price, it's up to you--let your FS know. Also remember that the Book Depository has free shipping. You should not be spending half of your $18-$20 on shipping. This was an issue during the last exchange, and some people felt they didn't get a fair exchange. 
  5. Pre-ordered items are acceptable ONLY if this is agreed upon by both parties. 
  6. You may purchase your books from whatever source you choose, but please do not send used books. Ebooks must be okayed with the santee before purchasing. 
  7. Once santas and santees are assigned, addresses will be exchanged between individuals. If you're not comfortable with this, please do not sign up. 
  8. Sign ups begin on September 22, and end on October 22. This is a bit different from the usual, since the Summer Book Exchange 2.0 began late this year. 
  9. After you send the books to your santee, you must fill out the tracking information form I will provide for you.
  10. To join the exchange, you must fill out *THIS form. It is also included at the end of this post.

*This post was copied in part from The *Official* Blog of the Ruby's Reads Book Exchanges, go visit the blog for the full post. 


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