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PNR Audio Review: Caressed by Ice by Nalini Singh

 Caressed By Ice (Psy-Changeling, #3)
Caressed By Ice 
(Psy-Changeling #3)
by Nalini Singh, Angela Dawe (Narrator)
2 Parts / 11 hour(s) and 26 min.
Published June 22nd 2011 by Tantor Audio

Nalini Singh explores new heights of sensuality, returning to the world of the Psy - where two people who know evil intimately must unlock the good within their icy hearts...

As an Arrow, an elite soldier in the Psy Council ranks, Judd Lauren was forced to do terrible things in the name of his people. Now he is a defector, and his dark abilities have made him the most deadly of assassins - cold, pitiless, unfeeling. Until he meets Brenna...

Brenna Shane Kincaid was an innocent before she was abducted - and had her mind violated - by a serial killer. Her sense of evil runs so deep, she fears she could become a killer herself. Then the first dead body is found, victim of a familiar madness. Judd is her only hope, yet her sensual changeling side rebels against the inhuman chill of his personality, even as desire explodes between them. Shocking and raw, their passion is a danger that threatens not only their hearts, but their very lives...


I was wondering how Judd, “The Ice Man” would be thawed. I mean so far the Psy in the couples have been women and all they needed as the touch of the hot Changeling men. A man like Judd would need more. But Brenna had just the right amount of heat to bring Judd to his knees.

After Brenna’s ordeal in the last book, she really needed someone like Judd instead of a Changeling. She needed his coldness to get her through some rough times; a like of tough love.

Judd might be Psy but he has feelings deep down and the ones that came out to play first was he need to protect Brenna like he did his family. Even though he didn’t realize at first that was an emotion. He believed he was just doing his job. But after he started having more feelings for Brenna, like being jealous of other males he knew he was doomed.

The Silence of the Psy was much strong with Judd that the past Psy we have seen. Judd was breed to be an assassin for the Psy Council and he was very good at his job. Hawke used him to get answers out of captives.

He believed that was all he was and all he had to offer. He knew that Brenna needed more than he could give but once he reached the point where he knew she was his; he was not going to let her go no matter what.

It was well over half the book before anything physical really happened between Brenna and Judd but when it did…..HOT. Brenna teased Judd about him being a virgin and he told her that technically he was one. When asked him what that meant, he told her he did research. And boy howdy did that research pay off.

If you enough reading about a cold as ice tough guy with the ability to kill anyone to keep his female safe then you need to read Caressed by Ice and see how hot Judd can be.

Cover Note: About 50% of the time the audio book will have a different cover than the book. Not sure why they do it. Sometimes I like the audio cover more. I like this cover vs the book cover but I'm not loving the mullet and whoever did the animal print on Judd's arm clearly didn't read the book. Brenna is the "shifter" and she's a wolf not a large cat. Sorry but things like that bug the crap out of me.

Caressed By Ice (Psy-Changeling, #3)
Book Cover


  1. I am so glad I'm not the only one who's bothered by Judd's cat markings on the cover! Every single time I look at the cover, I wonder how they could have gotten it so wrong.

  2. I thought that Judd "thawed" just enough. I love that Nalini makes great couples without making her characters change drastically just to fit with another character.

    (p.s. That cover bugs me too. It's a big oops)


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