Saturday, March 16, 2013

Quickie Review: Bound by the Vampire by Chloe Hart

Bound by the Vampire 
by Chloe Hart
(Blood and Absinthe #2)   

Celia Albright, an eighth-blood Fae and a spellcaster, is having a very bad day. She’s being targeted by an unknown assassin, and with most of her friends out of the city fighting demons, she goes to the only other person in Boston who might be powerful enough to help her.

Evan Grant is a vampire who prides himself on his survival instincts. He’s avoided the Fae ever since they killed his maker years ago, and he knows he’d be crazy to take a Faery girl under his protection—especially since it might be the Fae themselves who want Celia dead.

If he were smart, he’d send her away. But when he saves her life instead, Celia and Evan find themselves caught up in an adventure neither of them expected—and an attraction neither of them is prepared for.

Ms. Hart has created a fascinating world. Vampires, Fae, and demons! How can a lover of paranormal romance resist? Bound by the Vampire is the second within the Blood and Absinthe series. This book focused more on the plot and the functions of the Green Fae society than the first book had.

Celia Albright is a spell caster who does not have her power completely under control, but that has not stopped her from stumbling upon some very interesting and ruinous secrets. She had learned that by drinking the Absinthe her people (the Fae) create and draw power from has been thinning the veil between the human world and that of the Dark Fae. She has approached the leaders of her people and pleaded with them, trying get them to stop producing and using the Absinthe. However, without the elixir, their powers and the powers of other such as vampires, would fade. Naturally, she has created enemies - those who fear losing their power and becoming weak like humans. After an attempt is made on her life, Celia asks Evan Grant for protection.

Evan Grant wanted nothing to with Celia and her cause, but he could not allow her death to rest on his conscious. He agrees to hide her and protect her as she gathers more information about the Dark Fae.

This novella was packed with world building and I enjoyed the characters. Evan was delicious and Celia was willing to give her life for a cause she believed in. The reason I did not give this book five of five was that the relationship development was a bit thin and the ending was rather abrupt. It was just over and there was not much closure. So, I will have to pick up the third book, Claiming the Vampire.


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