Saturday, March 9, 2013

Review: The Dragon Lord by Connie Mason

The Dragon Lord 
by Connie Mason

London 1215 …

The Dragon … Renowned for his prowess on the battlefield and in the bedroom, the Dragon Lord had no desire to wed an heiress he had never before seen. But a landless knight had few opportunities to win a barony, and a faithful subject had no choice but to obey his king. Yet how to select a wife from the three women offered him? He had no taste for the grieving widow or the sharp-tongued shrew, so the meek virgin it must be.

The Rose … Confronted by their new lord and master, the women of Arydale prepared to accept their destiny. But high-spirited Rose knew she was no thornless blossom just waiting to be plucked. Her gentle twin longed for a cloistered life, whereas Rose had never been known as a shrinking violet and was more than capable of standing up to a dragon. A clever deception would allow her sister to enter the nunnery while an unexpected bride awaited her unsuspecting husband.


I enjoy historical romance novels from all different time periods. This one takes place in England 1215. Lord Dominic Dragon is a champion knight, trusted by King John, who has order him to go to Arydale and marry one of the women of the keep. Dominic does his duty, even though he had desired to marry his mistress, Lady Veronica.

Lady Rose is a very strong female, but is also extremely stubborn and hard-headed to the point of annoying (at times). She blames King John for the death of her father (who was rumored to be a trader to the crown) and wants nothing to do with the Dominic. Unfortunately, she has to marry him.

This is the typical "I hate you - Now, I love you" kind of historical romance. There is plenty of drama that keeps the booking going, such as the problems Lord Dragon faces against the Scots and King John, plus his mistress tends to show up at unescorted times causing trouble. The chemistry between Rose and Dominic is sweet and at times sizzling. There is also a nice touch of actual history to the novel.


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