Friday, March 8, 2013

Hide the Kids....It's Coming.....

Grab the button!

Grab your wieners .... and marshmallows for the first ever ROAST here at The Book Nympho.

The Book Nympho will be celebrating it's 2nd blogoversary this month. We've set aside the week of March 18th - 24th for guest posts, interviews and giveaways from fellow bloggers and author sponsored giveaways.

Here is the week long line-up schedule:

These lovely ladies will be Roasting my marshmallows over Hell's Fire. But what they don't know is that being part of this roast means that I get the last word....on them! That's right, what kind of roast would it be if the roastee didn't get their say at the end?!


Thank you to all the giveaway sponsors.

  • Kelly Meding - author
  • Cassandra Carr - author
  • Avery Flynn -  author
  • Chelesa Cameron - author
  • Ann Mayburn - author
  • Robin Covington - author
  • Rachel from Fitkshun - blogger
  • Stella Price - author
  • Aubrianna Hunter - author
  • Laurie Hunsaker - author
  • Yvette Hines - author
  • Lynne Silver- author
  • Tish Thawer- author
  • Susan Grimshaw - Random Housing Publishing
  • Larissa Reinhart- author
  • Amanda J. Greene - author


  1. Oh crap. Just remember I love you k? :-)

  2. This should be fun. I enjoy reading guest posts and who doesn't love a good giveaway?!


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