Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Audio Review: Navarro's Promise by Lora Leigh

Navarro's Promise
by Lora Leigh
Breeds # 24
Narrated By Brianna Bronte
The breed guaranteed Mica no harm would come to her, but they never allowed for her sensual fascination with Navarro, or his unstoppable need to claim her as his mate, in both body and soul.

Hopes: I went in with hopes that series arc plot would progress and the Breeds series is a great smut fix. Some books focuse more on the couple and their hot hot sex. Others focus more on the arc and throws in hot sex as icing on the cake. And a few are a great blend of both.

Reality:  With 20+ books in the series the arc plot is going nowhere fast which is a real shame. The series is a hit or miss in this area. Navarro's Promise missed it's mark with the blending of both, series arc and sex. And leaned more toward the sex.

Couple:  Had hoped that Navarro and Mica would bring something a different to the table. But they fit into the series mold of Alpha male and reluctant mate. Same song, same dance.

Final Thought: With your rinse and repeat couples and a series arc going nowhere, the spark is gone. We shall part as friends. But I reserve the right to admin our relationship if Cassey ever gets her own book.

Narration Note:  Brianna Bronte does a really good job of narrating the book and I would like to check out more of her work. She does a nice range of voices for both male and female and her pacing had a natural flow to it. If I had read the book I don't think I would have picked up on the use of pussy so much as I did with the audio. I wonder what was going through Brianna's mind when she had to read that word about 10 mins in one sex scene. LOL

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  1. She probably had to practice so that she didn't giggle or roll her eyes. I can't even imagine reading sections like that out loud LOL


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