Thursday, June 6, 2013

Review: Bare it All by Lori Foster

Bare it All
By Lori Foster

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The set up

This story picks up the next day after the end of the previous book where Alice Appleton, Reese Bareden’s mousy next door neighbor, saved his life, along with his partner Logan Risk and his boss, Lieutenant Margaret Peterson. Reese’s apartment is now a crime scene and he has no choice (yeah, right) but to sack out on Alice’s couch.  As strange as Alice behaves, Reese is drawn to her physically and emotionally, even though it is obvious that she is hiding from something or someone. 

What worked well

Reese is 6 and ½ feet of blond, green-eyed brawny male and makes no bones about what he wants from Alice and can’t help but feel protective of her. She is also very much attracted to him but something from her past experience is holding her back, but not for too long. Throughout the story, you could feel that something was brewing and knew Alice’s past would inevitably crash around them and converge with Rowdy Yates’ plans to enter into a risky business venture involving people connected to her past (Rowdy is Logan’s soon to be brother-in-law).

What fell short

While this is an interesting story, it followed the same pattern as the last book. The first half is a lot of back and forth between Alice and Reese as the suspense is supposed to build. But, it plods instead at too slow a pace. The last half of the book is much more exciting and I wish it hadn’t taken so long to get there. I also found Alice’s character to just be bizarre, one moment a frightened and withdrawn young woman and the next an aggressive tiger. I got whiplash trying to keep up and figure her out. In the end, I just gave up.

The bottom line

There’s plenty of steam and ultimately lots of action. I really like these characters, even odd Alice, the dynamics between them and the romance. I plan to read the next book when it’s released and recommend this one but can’t round my 3.5 stars to a 4 because the suspense aspect just didn’t meet my expectations.


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