Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Voice of Jane Yellowrock, Khristine Hvam Stops by

Help me welcome one of the most talented narrators in the business, Khristine Hvam, to The Book Nympho today!

Thank you very much for inviting me… I’m happy to be here.

First I have to say that I am VERY EXCITED that you are working on the narration for Nicole Peeler’s Jane True series. I love that series but I’ve never thought the narration on the earlier books (1-3) really fit. has you listed as the narrator for Eye of the Tempest (book 4) & Tempest’s Fury (book 5). Will you also be narrating the final book, Tempest Reborn?

Yes, yes I will.

I first experienced your voice when I listened to Shift by Jeri Smith-Ready. How was it getting into a young Scotsmen’s head when you were voicing Zack?

Ahhhhh Zack! He was a tough one… preparing that Scottish was hard… and still hard as other characters in my life turn up with a Scottish brogue. But with a little research and practice I can do enough of the accent to hint at his “voice”… it helps that he’s such a likable character.

My heart melts every time that Angie Baby and Little Evan come on “screen”. How did you prepare for the kiddos' voices?

I’ve been doing those voices since I was a kid… those are just part of me. Add the accent and boom… Angie baby... add a lil boy attitude and baby Evan… so much fun!

Jane Yellowrock is the first series I’ve read/listen to where the heroine and her inner animal are two different characters. I love how Faith has written them. Did you get any directions from Faith on how beast should sound or did it just come to you?

All the direction I needed was right there in the writing. Choosing to lose the accent when speaking as beast, and giving her that staccato rhythm just seemed obvious while I was preparing the first book.

Being from the south, I’m picky about southern accents in my audio books. Do you a great job with the different accents in the Jane Yellowrock series. Where are you from?

Jersey! And thank you for the compliment… a lot of research and practice goes into performing accents and it’s never easy. As narrators we do our best to give the listener something authentic, but it’s not always possible. So we do our best and hope the characterizations and acting shine through, especially if the accent doesn’t.

Which team are you on, Ricky Bo or Bruiser?

Am I allowed to choose? In order to remain true to Jane I’ve got to stay neutral until her Ms. Hunter decides… (I totally have a team… but I won’t tell)

After speaking with a few other narrators I’ve learn that some work from home. Do you get that pleasure or do you work in a studio? And if so how is it working with others in the studio while you read some of the more sexy scenes?

I am blessed to be able to record in both. And both have their pros and cons. Being home can be a challenge because it’s so easy to procrastinate… but I can also take my time and work at my own pace. Being in the studio is great because I adore the engineers, producers, and directors that I work with. It’s always good to have a second set of ears and some suggestions on performance. Hmmmm… the sexy scenes? Well, lets just say some narrators are better suited to that than I… because even when I’m recording those scenes alone at home… I’m embarrassed… so you can imagine how mortified I am when I’m working with others and those scenes come up. But we all have a good laugh… usually at my expense.

What was your first narration job?

My first narration job was one of those steamy sexy harlequins…. OMG! I was so incredibly embarrassed, as I’m sure you can imagine. Especially because the main man character had the same name as the engineer recording the book… so every time our leading lady would moan her leading man’s name… I would burst out laughing… I think I was red for a week.

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I’m recording Book 5 of the Jane True Series.

Thank you so much for stopping by to answer a few questions. And keep up the great narration work on Jane Yellowrock and I can’t wait to hear what you do with Jane True.

Thanks so much for inviting me! And thank you all for listening!


  1. Amber I gifted me the first Jane True book so I guess I'll be started that series very soon. Maybe I'll give the audiobooks a try once Khristine Hvam takes over the narration. I'm loving her voice in the Yellowrock books!

    1. YES. Waiting til book 4 for the audio. The other narrator just didn't do the series justice IMO.

      I'm listening to book 4 now and Khristine did an amazing job with another Jane. ;)

  2. Fantastic! She does do a great job with the Jane Yellowrock books.

  3. Khristine is my favorite narrator! She does such an awesome job. In Faith Hunter's latest, Blood Trade, there were a few scenes where there were about 6 different voices, and Khristine gave each one a very distinct voice. It was amazing! If there ever comes a time that she doesn't do one of Jane Yellowrock's (Faith Hunter's) books, I will just read it. She has ruined me liking anyone else!!!

  4. Just love Khristine Hvam's work on Jane Yellowrock - but I started that series because of the fantastic job done on the Chronicles of Elantra Series. The narration was wonderful!

    1. Thanks. I've added book 1 of that series to my audio wish list.

  5. How did I miss this? I just saw the posting on the goodreads group.
    Great interview! I can imagine how embarrassing it must be doing some of the sexy scenes, but I must tell you, you pull them off beautifully.
    I've truly enjoyed every one of your narrations that I have had the pleasure of listened too.
    Great job Jennifer :)


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