Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review: The Hunter by Monica McCarty

The Hunter
By Monica McCarty
Book #7 in the Highland Guard series

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I keep thinking that the next book in this series cannot possibly get any better and I continue to be wrong (thankfully!).

Ewen "Hunter" Lamont was perfectly matched with the fiery Janet of Mar and it was definitely a battle of wills. Ewen is a proud man of few words and is known as the most skilled tracker in all of Scotland. He's got something to prove and has been loyal to Robert the Bruce's cause from the outset. When he was asked to escort the nun Sister Genna back to the Priory after one of her covert courier runs, he doesn't question the assignment. Ewen is unaware of her true identity and is uncomfortably attractive to this holy woman. Sister Genna is really Janet of Mar who was believed to have been killed in the failed rescue attempt of her twin sister, Mary. Janet is a force and extremely independent, not seeing the need for his protection so the tug of war for control never ended.

The sexual tension between these two was heightened by their constant clashes and it helped create a perfect transition to their inevitable romance. They were a formidable team in the face of danger from the enemy English forces who were a constant throughout their journey. Janet dismantles this brooding warrior and he certainly disrupted her plans to really become a nun.

This story is outstanding primarily because of how wonderfully crafted Ewen and Janet are as characters and how well suited they are as a couple. She's exceptional and holds her own against any of Bruce's warriors and he provides her the challenge she never knew she was looking for. The adventures of the Highland Guard never disappoint in providing excitement and political intrigue in this series. The historical aspects of the era are finely woven into the wonderful storytelling, the result being a vivid portrayal of Scotland's fight for independence. But, the romance is the real jewel this time and made The Hunter a truly exceptional story.


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