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Review: Weighting for Mr. Right by Patricia W. Fischer

Weighting for Mr. Right
By Patricia W. Fischer
In Weighting #1

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The set up
When the time comes for Megan Sayla to say "I do," she said no, abandoning her groom, Travis Carter at the altar. She winds up in a men's bathroom stall at a car wash (don't ask) giving sort of a confessional to a total stranger named Jacob Dante who just happened to be there. She didn't know it right at that moment but Megan had just taken her first step in gaining control of her life.

I wasn't certain if this was going to be a funny or tragic story and in some ways it was a bit of both and a whole lot more. While Megan is very talented (she speaks seven languages and is a nurse), she's overweight and has been for most of her life. Marrying Travis was just another decision in her life being orchestrated by others with her going along because "a girl like her should be grateful." In that moment at the altar she just couldn't see herself settling for something "less" in a marriage. She wanted more.

The issues
Fortunately for Megan, the handsome bathroom stranger and her bridesmaid cousin were there to provide much needed encouragement for her to leverage the momentum, take control of her life and make big changes. Losing weight isn't just about dieting and exercising, it's a complete re-examination of your life and deciding what you want for yourself. Much in Megan's life is designed for her to fail, including many people she's surrounded by that don't want her to win. Her journey of self discovery and reinvention involves some painful decisions she has to make about people she cares about.

 Jacob's relationship with Megan is quite complicated, given that he became fascinated with her from the first moments in that bathroom. He hides his true feelings, knowing that Megan needs time for herself before thinking about becoming involved with someone again. He owns a gym, which she's maneuvered to join, so it's the way they continue to connect. He has no idea that she's been lusting after him since the car wash.

What works
I love Megan's journey and could identify with so many of her experiences. From the enabling friend, Lydia, who enjoys having a partner in her misery eating to the loving family members whose own identities are wrapped up in feeding her to excess (picture the Italian and Danish grandmothers expressing their love), you will no doubt get the sense that you've walked, or maybe even ARE walking, in Megan's workout shoes.

I couldn't help empathizing with Megan's struggles with the realities of making significant life changes. While weight loss presents wonderful new possibilities, it can also bring new challenges as not everyone in your life is committed to your change in perspective. It's often painful to acknowledge that some relationships won't survive and Megan has to make some tough choices.

What was a challenge
There's a lot of dialogue in this story, sometimes reading more like a screenplay, which wasn't the issue.  Keeping up with the many shifts in points of view was.  It wasn't always clear who was talking and sometimes it was third person narrative and sometimes first.  I don't mind the shift but the transitions weren't always clear. It just slowed me down.

The bottom line
This is a wonderful story that's much more than one about weight loss. It's the triumph of a wonderfully talented and caring woman who emerges from the suffocating control of family, friends, career and food. Jacob was worth "weighting" for and his ability to see the real Megan even before her physical transformation made their romance even more special. There were many hilarious moments to balance the more serious. I'm reinvigorated as her experience is a reminder of what I say is most important in my life. It's a great story that I'm glad I got a chance to read and I'm looking forward to continuing the series.

Award-winning writer and Texan, Patricia W. Fischer, is an avid San Antonio Spurs and Texas Longhorns fan. After ten years as a critical care and trauma nurse, Patricia traded her stethoscope in for a life behind a keyboard. There she's written articles multiple publications and websites as well as an erotic romance and her first romantic comedy, Weighting for Mr. Right. When she's not writing, she keeps plenty busy with her husband, children, and dogs.

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