Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fun Review Icons

Since I do read a lot of paranormal books with vampires, witches and were/shifters; I've decided to add a little icon for what paranormal creature is featured in the book. 


After The Bookish Brunette hosted Zombie Craze earlier this summer I've been eyeing some zombie books. So I'm on the look out for a zombie icon.

And I've also found an icon for my DNF (did not finish) books.

This one is for my YA reviews.


  1. These icons do look fun!!! :-) They're eye catching!!!! I likes! :-D

  2. Oh my GOD!! These are WICKED cute!! After I scanned them all... You know BEFORE I read the post- I was like, "*tears* No zombie one!!!"

    LOL! YAY lady! TOTALLY keep me updated, so can *bats eyelashes* anyone use them? I will TOTALLY link back to you!!! If not I totally understand chick!!

  3. I LOVE the DNF icon. A skunk for a stinker. Perfect! I want some icons... I may have a new project on my hands. I want a mermaid. =)

  4. Oh my goodness! These are the cutest things, ever! Great idea :)


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