Thursday, August 11, 2011

UPDATE: Fun Icons

Found the Zombie icon.

I grabbed this one from Zombie and Horror Movies. They have a few FREE zombie cartoons and I liked this one the best.

Found Steampunk too.

Any ideas on Dystopian icons? I'm new to Dystopian and Steampunk but they seem to crossover a bit.


  1. WIN!!! See, I am SO ADHD... I can't WAIT and look before I open my big fat mouth!!!

  2. I got the idea from Parajunkee's post with her new icons for reviews and decided to find some of my own. I'm on her LONG waiting list to get a new blog design so keep your eyes open for changes coming soon (I hope). Guess you've noticed that my "naughty" header pic is gone. I'm trying to make The Book Nympho a little more YA friendly since I have a PILE of YA books to read and review in the next few months.


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