Saturday, March 23, 2013

ROAST: Jenese Pusses Out

Another one pusses out on us and takes the safe road with an interview. Let's see what questions Jenese from Readers Confession had for me.


  • Fav food? Italtian
  • Fav alcoholic beverage? Margaritas (prefer frozen)
  • Fav color? Purple
  • Fav author? Karen Marie Moning (if I had to name JUST one)
  • One book you would recommend to a non-reader? Hunger Games for the "safe" read (no sex and little to no adult language. For those more adventurous, Darkfever. 

What's your biggest blogging regret or mistake? 

No regrets so far. Mistake, spelling and grammar errors that I don't catch myself.

How much time do you spend on blogging weekly? 

1-2 hours a day so around 10 hours a week. Give or take.

Best blogging experience? 

Getting to talk with some of my favorite authors through Twitter.

Biggest fan girl moment? 

Meeting Jeaniene Frost at AADNOLA

I know you and several of your blogging buddies (names will NOT be disclosed) love to tweet pictures of lovely looking men. :-D Who is your favorite male specimen? (Pics please)

Just to name a few: David Gandy, Supernatural's Dean & Sam

With the whole copy right thing, here is a link to the yumminess on my Pinterest Page

You have some tattoos and you wish you could get removed. Tramp stamp- Oh yeah!! Why do you hate it?

Ducks head.... I've always thought tatoos were tacky looking. I can't even stand an ink pen mark on my hand. I got a bug up my arse one day and got TWO at one time. But I did think ahead to my old age and in case I gain 300lbs and got my them in places that you can't see unless I wear a tank top (which has to be hotter than hell if I wear one in public) or my shirt rides up. (right shoulder and lower back) so they most likely won't sag in those places either. Nothing worst than having a tat on the "ladies" and years later it not look the same because the ladies are down to my knees.

Your most coveted possession? (Besides your kid, hopefully your hubby too, haha)

Wow. I would not have named either. (bad mother/wife?!) My hubby got me a Macbook Pro for Xmas so I would say that is my most coveted possession with my NookColor a close second. Oh and I can't forget about my hardback Fever series collection!!

What's your biggest pet peeve?

Reading - Dog earring and spine breaking. Oh and peeps spoiling you on Twitter about books. I'm not talking about the random tweets but the ones that peeps direct at you. UGH really? Do I need to start blocking peeps?!

Real Life - People making noise in the movie theather. WTF I paid $20 to see the movie I want to F&#*ing hear too. Chew that F&#*ing popcorn a little louder asshat. Talk after the movie!! For the love that is all holy turn your fecking cell phone off. And don't get me started on the people that rattle the shit out of candy wrappers.

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  1. I got your pusses out RIGHT HERE!!! LOL!!

    Ok, these are my REAL questions, since you are ALWAYS talking about sex on you go!

    Fav B.O.B?
    Fav sex position?

    Biggest pet peeve in the bedroom?
    Favorite porn site?
    How much time do you spend weekly looking up penis pictures and porn? (don't lie)

    So it's no surprise to anyone that you like to boss people around, its already been discussed. Do you think you'd be a good Dominatrix? Is that your secret fantasy?

    Most hated body part and why? (We all have one)

    1. Fav B.O.B.: jelly osaki

      Fav position: Cowgirl

      Biggest pet peeve?
      Having to finish myself off!

      Fave site:

      Gay -> NSFW!!!!!
      Straight -->

      Time spend searching: 8 hours a week

      Dominatrix? NO I would rather be dominated and that is a fantasy since the DH is not the type to be a dom.

      Most hated body part: Belly. Wish it was flat again.

    2. WTF is jelly osaki? It sounds like an exotic lube.

    3. Well I've had two. I bought them at passion parties (fun parties). Who knew that you could buy them on Amazon?

  2. "Dog earring and spine breaking." -- YES!!!!

  3. Love this. My biggest blogging regret is making my niche by blog name too narrow.

  4. I'll admit that I liked the comment 'real' questions more. They made me laugh :)

  5. I am totally one of the "undisclosed blogging buddies" listed above. But y'all knew that already.


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