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ROAST: Lupdilup Interviews ME About Audiobooks

 From one junkie to another 

Happy Blogoversery!

I'm always thrilled when I find peeps that love audiobooks as much as I do, so getting to know Jennifer has been a real treat. So I thought for her blogoversary week I would interview her and share with you some her inside thoughts about the world of audio books. But first let me tell you how nice it was to meet her in person, I was surprised to have found her to be a very good girl. I was expecting her to be a very wild girl and a total party animal, but either I didn't spend enough time with her or I didn't send enough drinks her way..LOL In any case, it was true pleasure to have met her. So without farther due, here is my interview, from one junkie to another.

Hot Listens

How did you discover audiobooks? 

I wanted to do a reread of the 3rd Sookie Stackhouse book before the new (then not now) season of True Blood started so I could compare the two but I didn’t really have time to squeeze in the book so I checked out the audio from the library. I didn’t care too much for the narration but I thought if I got the right narrator I could really enjoy audios. So once I started the Kate Daniels series and fell in love with the narrator, Renee Rodman I was hooked.

Do you remember you first listen? 

My first listen was one of the Harry Potter books, can’t remember which one. I borrowed it from a co-worker and tried to listen to it at work and it almost put me to sleep. I could not get into the british guy’s narration so I stopped after only one chapter. After that the next one was the Sookie Stackhouse book mentioned above.

How do you feel about the sex scenes on audio? 

If the narrator is good and the scene is written well they are GREAT. A dirty little secret during the workday when others think I’m listening to music. LOL Although I can’t imagine what the narrators must go through reading them. LOL

Can you tell us a few of your favorite narrators and why? 

  • Xe Sands - she is awesome when it comes to UF. She has a smokey and strong voice that lends well to UF heroines and males alike. 
  • Lauren Fortgang - She bring Gin Blanco and Finn Lane to life from Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series like no one else could. 
  • Renée Raudman - Another great UF narrator. I’ve also heard her narrate romance but I prefer her for Kate Daniels’ voice. She does has a take charge kind of voice that is so Kate. 
  • Amanda Ronconi - FUNNY. She does an amazing job as narrating Molly Harper’s books. She has pretty good range with her voice for different accents and both sexes.
  • Lorelei King - I love her narration of Charley Davidson series by Jones that I won’t even read the books now. I can only listen. I feel like she is acting out the book instead of just reading it. I can hear Charley’s body language in King’s voice. (If that makes sense.) 
  • Bahni Turpin - OMFG she is awesome!! NO ONE could do the Downside slang justice like Turpin can. I’m speechless.... 
  • Robert Petkoff - he does a great job of doing both sexes when narrating the IAD series. 
  • Phil Gigante - one word.... Barrons. Ok Two words..... Barrons/Ryodan

Have you had a book that read made better by the narrator? 

The White Trash Zombie books by Diana Rowland. The narrations made it some much better. Not that the books aren't written well, they are but the narrator’s snark and accents were spot on. It’s another series that I will not read but will continue on in audio format.

If you could only recommend one series on audio, which would it be?

That’s hard. I would say Downside Ghosts by Stacia Kane. While reading the books are great the slang can be a little off putting at first and like I said before Turpin just nails it.

Who is your favorite male character on audio?

Barrons no doubt. But when read by Phil.

Who is your favorite female character on audio? 

Gin Blanco from the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep.

Here is a little taste from 
some of Jennifer's favorite audiobooks

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  1. Happy Blodoversary Book Nympho!!! I do love audio books they are the best way to read a book when I drop my kids off at school I pop my book in and I'm good! The first audio book I listened to was Charlaine Harris Dead Before Dark. It was great and from then on I'm a junkie for audio books. I have to many to pick my fav but I have enjoyed J.R Wards BDB, Kresley Cole, Darynda Jones Charley Davidson series. I could keep going and going but I won't but thanks for the chance to win!!! LOVE the BLOG!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Blogoversary!
    You've done such a great job on your blog. :D

    I'm an audiobook junkie and damn proud of it! lol My first audiobook experiences was the Sookie Stackhouse series too!
    It has been an addiction since then and I don't see that ever stopping in the future. Some of my favorite audiobooks so far are... BDB, Night Huntress, SVM's, IAD, Fever, Lords of The Underworld, Lords of Deliverance to name a few.
    DeAnna Schultz

  3. I'm almost done with Spider's Bite...Loving Gin!

  4. Happy Blogoversary. T hanks for the giveaway.

  5. Happy Blogoversary and wishing you many more years
    of awesomeness!! <3

  6. Congrats and happy Blogoversary !

  7. Happy Blogoversary!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  8. Happy, happy birthday from my bloggie to you! Happy Blogoversary! To many more!


    raffle name: Nikki O

  9. Happy blogoversary, thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Happy Blogoversary Book Nympho!


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